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Drawings by Luis Henriquez (Mico)

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Meet Mico

Father Francisco Herrera, S.J.Dear all: our friend Luis Henríquez, from Chile, artistic name Mico, belongs to the EYM as of many years. He makes a living out of drawing for a local newspaper and also works part time at the EYM National Office in Santiago. He has been willing to share his drawings with all of us for free, as part of his personal Christian apostolate and service to children and young people. You can use these drawings without paying. If you have the chance, you may want to put his name on your publications, as an acknowledgment.
As you may suppose, to make a living out of drawing is not easy in Chile, and Mico has a family of three children. Maybe some of you would like to support his work with a voluntary contribution. If so, you can send him a check, in dollars or euro, to:

Luis Henríquez Rojas
Oficina MEJ

If you wish to contact him (in Spanish), his e-mail is: mdonotincludeidonotincludecdonotincludeodonotincludeddonotincludeidonotincludebdonotincludeudonotincludejdonotincludeadonotincludendonotincludetdonotincludeedonotinclude@donotincludemdonotincludeedonotincludejdonotincludecdonotincludehdonotincludeidonotincludeldonotincludeedonotinclude.donotincludecdonotincludeldonotinclude
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