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Eucharistic Youth Movement
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If you are young and you want to live with other friends a way to grow in friendship with Jesus, come to the Eucharistic Youth Movement.


With the Eucharist at the center of our lives, we see the world as the place where we find God and where we make ourselves available to serve his mission.

With almost one hundred years of experience in the Christian formation of children and youth, we offer a faith-growth program organized in different stages for ages 5 to 25.

We are present in more than fifty countries in the world, get in touch!

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The Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM) is an international Church Movement for the Christian formation of children and young people of both sexes, from 5 to 25. It seeks to teach them to live in Jesus’ way, by guiding them into a loving, ‘heart to heart’ relationship with him, based on a Eucharistic spirituality. It prepares them to live as Christian adults, committed to serving their brothers and sisters in an unjust and secularized world. (see more)

The EYM is the junior branch of the Apostleship of Prayer, an association entrusted by the Church to the Society of Jesus. It is the renewed form of the old Eucharistic Crusade, which had great success in many countries around the middle of the last century. This renewal began in France in 1962, which gave the Movement this new name, followed by other countries all round the world.

Present in around 50 countries in all five continents, the EYM is structured on clear lines of action, stages of Christian growth and a central national coordination.

By a methodology based on the formation of communities, with a clear sense of the Church, through the experience of prayer, Eucharist, the Word of God and discernment, young people are led to a life of service, attentive to the needs of today’s world. For this, the EYM offers young people different ways - living in a team, meetings, songs, and so on - of relaxing, talking about their experiences, acting and meditating, with the aim of helping them to grow, and of guiding them in their choices.

‘We are young people who want to tell the world that our youthful joy springs from our encounter with God, from disinterested love, from looking at our history with hope, from Jesus’ plan, which fires us and moves us to act.’ (From the Latin American EYM Manual.)

Check here the documents of our first worldwide Gathering for the EYM in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 2012.


The spirituality of EYM, like that of AP, which also has Ignatian roots, is a Eucharistic spirituality. So it has the following characteristics:

Egypt EYM
  • Living in personal friendship with Jesus, in union with his Heart, through
    • - being attentive to the present human and spiritual moment of the young person
      - Prayer, which teaches us to find God in all things
      - Listening to the Word
      - Celebration of the Eucharist.
  • Being an apostle: service as offering of life
    • - Service to the Church
      - Service to the world
      - Service like Mary

    (see more)

    Teaching – methodology

    EYM’s teaching leads the child or young person to a personal process of election. It teaches them to discover the world as the place of encounter with God, where they learn to receive life from him, to thank him for it and offer it to him.

    Egypt EYM
  • The practical methodology of EYM is based on:

    • - Teams
      - Regional and national meetings
      - Stages of growth
      - Prayer: The Three Moments of the Day
      - The Personal Notebook

    (see more)

  • How to start EYM
  • (see more)

    EYM today

    We are in more than 50 countries, in all continents:

  • Africa: Burundi, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Togo, Mali, Gabon,Seychelles, Angola, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon,Kenya, Chad, Tanzania, Benin, Rwanda, Mozambique, Mauritius, Madagascar

  • Asia: Lebanon, India, Nepal, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, China (Hong Kong))

  • America: Unites States, Canada, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile, Brazil,Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Colombie, Equator.

  • Europe: Albania, Belarus, Belgium, France, Poland, Spain, Luxemburg, Italy

  • Oceania: Australia, Tahiti, New Caledonia

  • (see more)

    Click here for a printable PDF version of this provisional Handbook.

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